Black River Irregulars

Drums of war

Deeper in to the Bloodsmeath

We picked up (after a length hiatus) with the crew in the company of some trappers in the marshlands. Excellent hospitality from them helped Draykus recover from his wounds, and shared some basic information of the land. In exchange, the group shared some of the merchant bounty with the trappers as they went their separate ways the next morning.

Slogging through the marsh for the next day was wearying at best. Overnight, Hobbe noticed dancing lights and glows at the distance of his vision, but it was hard to get a clear idea of who or what they might be. On last watch, Draykus caught the sound of distant RHYTHMIC drumming, which the group would hear for the rest of the day. It seemed to be coming from the northwest, which was also the direction to the lake.

Late morning, the group was ambushed by a pair of croaks along with a pair of thrullgs. Keen senses from Hobbe picked up a sneaking croak before he could stick Hobbe with a thrown spear, but even with a little warning, the fight tested the Irregulars. Thrullg are savage opponents and their claws and fangs left dangerous wounds on Otto, and marked nearly everyone in the group. The crew was able to persevere, and took some time after the fight the rest and tend wounds.

Meanwhile, in the distance, the drums continued to rumble…


Munchezuma Munchezuma

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